We are a group of friends who met in the kitchens of Le Cordon Bleu Madrid. We share a passion for great coffee and awesome food. Our driving purpose is to share with the world all we have learned about both things.


The word SONA is a Gaelic word that means: "To have a feeling of satisfaction, joy or well-being, often produced by a positive situation". This is how we felt when we met each other and when we decided to join forces to launch SONA. It is also what we would like to make everyone feel with our food, service and space.


In a world that is more and more homogenous and more oriented towards reducing costs than increasing quality, we want to offer something different and reconnect people with the origin of food, combining proven techniques of classic cooking with top-notch gastronomic technology We want to advocate for food as a source of both pleasure and health.


SONA is for us much more than a business, it is to develop and share our passion for good food and drinks with the world. We aim to create something we can be proud of and enjoy together the journey towards that goal.


Everyone warned us that setting up a company among six friends was a recipe for problems and conflicts but we could not be happier and excited to be such a diverse and energetic team. The complementarity of talents and personalities in the team makes us stronger. FInally, what is the point of succeess if you can not share and live with good travel companions that you care for.

SONA is our dream. SONA is our journey. SONA is our baby. We hope you enjoy it!

Laura, Elena, Maria José, Roberto, Pedro & Guillermo


From the beginning we were convinced that we wanted to offer something different to what Madrid has already in abundance and high quality (who needs another tapas and bravas bar with the amount of good places that already exist).


These are the principles that drive our philosophy at SONA:


Specialty Coffee: We find it very sad that 95% of the coffee in the world is sold in bulk (as if it were oil) without taking into account the quality, origin or method of production. SONA focuses on other 5% of coffee, where quality and care are key. We want to offer and teach our customers how delicious a well-grown and well-made coffee can be.


The best organic produce: At SONA, we choose the best organic producers with great care to work with the best possible product. We prefer local and small producers who share our passion for food and things well done. In our food menu you can see the main suppliers we use to get the best coffee, bread, meat, vegetables and more.


A short food menu: In the restaurant sector, there is a tendency to offer a very extensive menu to customers. In our opinion, this greatly reduces the quality of what is offered (you can not be good at everything) and raises the amount of food that is thrown away. Therefore, we prefer to keep it short in terms of menu items so we can keep it high in terms of the quality of what we offer. We bring variety in the menu by changing items and bringing new dishes following the seasons.


Elevate everyday food: We want SONA to be a place with accessible prices to everyone where you can enjoy well-prepared food. For this, our focus is to use both time-proven classic techniques and modern cuisine to elevate dishes that are usually mistreated in the restaurant business. A sandwich is of humble origin but can become a haute cuisine dish. A well-made soup can comfort our body and soul. A salad prepared with care and good products can really make your day.


Health is all about eating everything in moderation: Whether you want to eat vegetarian, paleo or satisfy your carnivore hunger, we will have an option for you. We always use natural products of the best quality, both for the healthiest options and for the most sweet sins you can imagine. A balanced diet is a source of happiness. Said that, embrace sweet temptations rarely but to the fullest!


Positive and welcoming space: The world already has enough drama to create additional drama among us. We believe in optimism, positive energy and welcoming & friendly service. We also believe in making SONA an oasis of good vibes for our clients in the face of life’s day-to-day craziness. If your home and your work are the places you spend a large part of your time, we want Sona to be that third place where you can feel at home and you can be as productive as at work.


Sustainability and care of the environment: We are destroying our planet with all our waste, plastics and CO2 emissions. To help to protect it with our 2 cents, all our takeaway items are made with recycled and biodegradable materials. We also decided not to sell bottled water. Instead we offer complimentary filtered water to everyone.

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